Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good News!

So, I just have to say this because I'm pretty stoked. I got my results back from taking my PPST a few weeks ago. I passed. :) I found this out in the middle of one of my classes and I was pretty much bouncing in my chair from excitement. I couldn't wait for class to be done so I could call my mom and Luke (my boyfriend). I was really nervous about the whole situation and put it off for as long as I could. I kept hearing such horrible things about it, even from people who were scared out of teaching because of that test. Happy. :) Anyways, done with that news and on to Life Drawing....

We took some molding clay in Wednesday's class to get a better understanding of the cranium portion of the skull. It is the hardest part to make look three-dimensional on paper, because there are so very few definite lines. Amy showed us the importance of the high points in the skull, like the parietal eminence (basically the side bumps towards the back of the cranium.) Side View, I put a charcoal pencil next to it to show the scale. It was just an exercise.

This is Amy's drawing. I didn't have Life Drawing 1 with her, so she sat down with me during class and explained to me how to look for noticeable changes in planes and how to apply that to my sheet of paper. She uses more of a box-like approach to explain those differences in the curves and planes. I have been trying that out on my own, and I think I've got the general idea down. Now, to perfect it. We'll see as the weekend comes when I finish up the three skull drawings for Monday's class.

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