Monday, September 21, 2009


Honestly, I'm quite embarrassed about these three. But, I will say that I have a lot of room to grow for this semester. I got really sick this weekend with allergies and it made me miserable. Must be the change of season. I've never had allergies before, so I'm not quite convinced it was that considering everyone around me has been getting sick with the same symptoms.

I realize that these are not fully finished, but I wasn't seeing the result that I wanted to with them, so I put them aside especially since I was in bed pretty much the past three days. Hopefully this will be the end of getting sick for me for the semester... key word: hopefully. Anyways, no use chatting that up anymore. Back to the drawings. I've used the example that Amy showed me. I think I'm starting to understand the concept of trying to make the figure look 3D with learning how to use and recognize my angles, although it does need a lot more work.

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